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How do we operate?

[1] Roof Inspection

Prior to a new project, we will first come and take a look at the roof. We carefully map out how we are going to tackle the project and what we might have to deal with.

Are there, for example, skylights that need to be covered or unforeseen obstacles that could change the layout?

We complete a New Assignment Checklist and lay the basis for the RI&E (Risk Inventory and Evaluation). This results in a price proposal.


[2] The Project

We carry out the project and install the solar panels and inverters as agreed with the client.

During the installation process, we communicate and coordinate matters well with the contractor and client.

[3] Finalization

After the entire system has been installed properly and neatly, we leave the workplace behind tidy.

The client receives from us a clear string distribution and the measurement report.


“You guys are a nice team to have over the floor.” he says with a bowl of fries, croquettes, and matching buns in his hand.

This is what we find important

A client invests quite a bit of money in having solar panels installed on his/her roof. It is important that this has been a good investment.

So the system has to work well. It has to be safe. It has to be nice-looking. These are important measuring points for us.

➭ Quality > quantity

We are only satisfied when the system has been installed to a high standard. We don’t fray things.

➭ Cable management

An important part of the job is good cable management. We go for quality; for the eye and in safety.

➭ Proper cable numbering

We number all cables correctly, so that it is always clear which cable belongs where.

➭ Good communication

We always coordinate important matters with the client well in advance. His operations should not suffer.

➭ Great installation team

Of course, it also matters what kind of people are walking around on the roof. We work neatly, safely, and hard.

➭ Measurement report

At the end of the assignment, we provide a complete measurement report, so that we can be sure that everything works.

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