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 Who are we?

Let’s forget about the past…

Chances are you’ve read about us in a history book. As we’ve made quite a bit of history… It wasn’t our best moment…

After all the battles and looting, we started acting a little more responsibly. Therefore, let’s forget about the past and look to the future!

Solar panels on company roofs

The present and future lie in green energy sources, such as solar panels. A nice aspect of solar panels is that they can be processed on pieces of land that are already in use.

The Netherlands has a lot of roofs. With solar panels, these roofs get an additional function.

We are working on a future where Dutch roofs contribute to the growing energy needs… without polluted outside air.

Solar Vikings are different…

…different from the typical workers. We have an unusual corporate culture for our industry, and a different way of thinking.

Customers notice the difference between a Solar Viking and another random installer.

Solar Vikings, professionele installatie van zonnepanelen voor de zakelijke markt

➭ Pleasant cooperation

A pleasant collaboration is more than valuable. We strive for quality contact and coordinate important matters.

➭ Going for quality

We only deliver work of which we can be really proud. Neat, clean, and properly installed.

➭ Attitude and commitment

A good attitude makes all the difference for the client, but also in how you see yourself and your value.

➭ Continuous development

A happy life equals development and growth, both in private and professional life.

➭ Honest and open

Honesty and openness towards each other ensures continuous improvement and involvement in work and company.

➭ Camaraderie

Besides Solar Vikings we are also ‘solar brothers’. The work is even more fun in a team you can build on.

From Breda to…

Breda is our Viking capital, but as we used to move over a large part of the earth with ease, we now happily drive to many different locations across the country to install solar panels in the Viking way.

About your project(s)...

We’d love to start new collaborations.